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Storyboard Course - online
The course is based on the unique experiences of our competent storyboard-teacher Giuseppe Cristiano. More presentation of him and his work at

The Storyboard Home Study Course comes in two parts:

1. The Book "Analyzing Storyboards"

This is not a book with boring theories. You get the facts laid out in a very easy-to-understand, goal-orientated, focused way containing every hint and trick that Giuseppe knows. And the step-by-step system is exactly the same system as the one Giuseppe Cristiano uses to create storyboards for his clients.

You also get the second edition of the book as a pdf.

Read the 12 first pages right now.

2. The web site Storyboard-Course online with your personal password

The knowledge and insights you get from the book are now being transformed into a real working environment. The web site includes interactive exercises leading you step by step through the whole process of storyboard making. You even get real manuscripts to work with that were used in the making of soap operas and movies. You get creative exercises such as:

• Draw quick and do it badly

• Create your inner camera

• Maintaining balance in a picture

• The “rules” of storyboarding

• What kind of movies you should study

• How to “build” different scenes
• Description of a soap opera storyboard
• Direct your own movie!

An interactive exercise in Flash

• Action scenes

• The establishing picture

• How to work with scripts
• Do your own commercial storyboard
• BIM The Mall is a REAL manuscript that you will be working with

• The Dreamer, The Realist and The Critic is a great exercise that will speed up you learning curve.
• How to make “real” Storyboards
• The Key – Also a REAL manuscript that you will be working with

• Tips on how to develop yourself and your style
• And a whole lot more…


We provide storyboard templates as pdf. Just click the template thumbnail.

Six months to ask any questions that will be posted on the web site.
Okay, now to the price. Your investment for everything in the package is just 59$.
When you order the course you get an email with the password to the interactive online part of the course so that you can start right away and get on the path to becoming a successful storyboard artist!
So if you are interested in becoming a storyboard artist, don’t hesitate. Order your course today! Just by clicking here on our secure order form.

Product Name: Storyboard Course - online Price for the course: 59 dollar.

Just now we don´t have any admission to the course. You can make a comment if you want a invitation to next admissions.

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This storyboard were made at the online course.

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Comment by inci yakut on May 19, 2011 at 8:12pm

I would like to enroll on your online course Storyboard. What can I do for this ? Thank you.

                inci  yakut


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